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Creating Your Own Hub

by Bryony Harrison
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If you feel there is a gap in HubGarden then you can be the one who helps to fill it by creating your own hub.Here is a simple guide on how to get started.

1. Choose your topic - what do you want your hub to be about? When I made my hub, I chose to it to be a place where people could write reviews on chocolates.

2. Name your hub - Click on the 'New Hub' link at the top of the page, and type in the name of your hub. It should be something short and catchy.

3. Pick a domain name - This is usually the same as your hub name, but not always. At first, it will have '.hubgarden.com' at the end. To gain your own domain name, you are required to have 50 articles.

4. Encourage writers to join - At first it may be difficult to get people to write articles for your hub. First of all it is new, so no one knows about it yet; second, because it is new, you do not have a share of the pool funds, which means you can give cash incentives.

You will need to encourage writers to contribute through other means. To start with, you should write several articles of your own; this will increase readership and make it an active hub. If writers see that people are looking at this hub, they will feel more motivated to writer for it. You can also offer to share their articles on your social networking sites to get exposure.

To let people know about your hub, post a message of the HubGarden forum.

Find out how to write an article here, and then find out how to get them published.

5. Create a logo - If you have any creative talent, you can create your own logo. Otherwise you can ask someone else to help you out. To upload your logo, go to 'My Hubs' at the top of the HubGarden homepage.

You will see a list of all the hubs you contribute to, with your hub at the top. Click the 'image' link, and it will let you upload a jpg or gif file.

6. Customise your hub - Click the 'edit' link on the 'My Hubs' page. Here you have to option to change the name of your hub, give it subtitles, create an article template, and more.

An article template is what will appear in the text box when a writer goes to make an article. You don't have to fill it in, but if you want articles structured in a certain way, then it is a useful tool. Either way, it is always useful to add some hash tags to the template. These act as 'categories' that divide different subjects so they can be found more easily. For example, if someone wrote 'Milk Chocolate' as a category, the link would show you all the articles about milk chocolate.

These categories can be prioritised to appear in a certain order on your homepage. To do this, click 'categories' on 'My Hubs'. You will see each category has an assigned number. The higher the number, the higher on the top of the page it will appear. You can change this number by clicking 'edit'.

On the editing page you can also decide whether or not a writer needs to apply to become a writer or not. I personally think this is a turn off to writers, because you then have to wait for approval, but the choice is up to you.

Another way to encourage writers and readers is with a pop-up box. Use the text box field to show what you want to appear when a person enters the site. You might ask a reader to subscribe, or a writer to join up.

5. Leave a message for readers - If you click on 'Top Hubs' on the top of the HubGarden homepage, you will see a list of all the hubs. Some of these hubs have a message below them. To create your own message, fill in the message text box on the edit page.

6. Like articles - The more likes an article gets, the better it will do in google searches, and the more people will be likely to read it. When someone 'likes' an article, you can set a value for their click. For example, a subscriber like could be worth 1, a writer like worth 2, an editor like three, and chief editor worth 4.

If your hub is for asking questions rather than writing articles, then you should change the 'like' option to a 'votes' system. It is basically the same all but in name.

7. Create a note - At the top of your hub page, you can create a note, similar to the message you leave on the 'top hubs page'. To do this click 'note' on 'My Hubs Page'. This note can appear in a variety of colours to make it look attractive. To change the colour on the edit page, you need to type in a hex colour code.

8. Add cash awards - You can give writers bronze, silver, and gold medals for their articles. These are worth a certain amount of money, which is decided by you. Once you have a share of the pool, you can set these values to your choosing.

9. Write a FAQ - Although there is a FAQ on the HubGarden homepage, you can create a FAQ specific to your hub. To do this click 'FAQ' on 'My Hubs', then 'new faq'. You will then be able to type the questions and provide answers.

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Yeah, because that should do the trick.
Thanks Bryony, if that doesn't work, should I contact Jon do you think?
Hi Erica

Go to 'My Hubs' and click edit on the hub you are chief editor for. Scroll down, and between the 'Application Reply' and 'Writer Message 1' is the Pop Up box.
Hi Bryony, thank you so much for this. I have a question related to your point 6 and hope you can help. You mention "Another way to encourage writers and readers is with a pop-up box. Use the text box field" .. where exactly is the text box field? Thank you!
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