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Effective Time Management for HubGarden Editors

by Justine Crowley
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being an effective hubgarden editor, hubgarden editors
Attending to my editors queue on a train commute from home to my city office

Being an editor online as opposed to print is quite challenging; especially when your hubs as either Editor or Chief Editor have an abundance of new writers doing the best they can to work the system quickly and effectively.

With the CPM involved as either Editor of Chief Editor of a given hub, you need to work quickly - no different to writing an article for the new, online media of which HubGarden belongs.

Some top tips on being an effective time manager when managing your HubGarden editors queue now follows. This is simply a guide. As a HubGarden Editor, you sometimes encounter some never a dull moment, for better or for worse kind of experiences that can put a dent in your effective time management system. Therefore, being flexible and adaptable is also important.

1. Deal with writer applications and comments first

You will know whether you're dealing with a writer application or reader comment when you don't see the following tags on the top of each tab:


The above only takes 10 seconds per tab to view, and to either approve or not.

By dealing with the simple and straightforward first, you feel like you've made a productive start. This works wonders to your energy levels.

being an effective hubgarden editor, hubgarden editors
Dealing with writers applications and comments first

2. Sort through article submissions next

If an article submission says recipe, quickly glance at the title. If that same article title has a tab with a status of editornotify - then go ahead and delete the recipe tabs.

Note: if you accidentally delete a editornotify tab, you can retrieve the article back from the pending articles list.

With new writers, some forget to click on "notify editor/submit article." Therefore, it is important to check any recipe tabs for article content and/or images. Just go with your gut feel as to whether or not you should edit/publish the article, and then leave a comment for the writer; or leave a comment for the writer to check whether or not they're finished.

When I am in transit, I edit and publish one article at a time. When working from home I edit all articles at once, and then publish them all at once. Once an article is published, I then delete that article tag from my queue.

Do not be a lazy bones and bypass those articles that have been self published. We can all make mistakes.

being an effective hubgarden editor, hubgarden editors
Already on this same train ride I am sorting through all article submissions as assigned editor here on HubGarden

3. Idle/Commuting Time

The train commute to and from the office in my consulting role is a perfect time to edit and publish articles here on HubGarden. Although it is not perfect and small in size, the iPhone is a godsend for this purpose. That time spent commuting would be otherwise spent just sitting there and gazing out the window, or listening to my iPod. On a 25-minute train ride to the city going through tunnels, and a few areas where your Internet connection drops off - I have managed to publish anything from 2-5 articles at a time. Sure, I've edited and published writers articles quicker than that; however when you're using a tiny device its better than nothing.

At the moment, each article is taking me about four minutes to handle and publish at home. My aim is to cut this time in half based on the Editor and Chief Editor CPM payments. By getting a maximum of five articles published on one train ride, and I'm attending to my editors queue on four train trips two days a week; that is 20 articles and 80 minutes I am saving myself a week by doing this. That is 80 minutes of extra time I can spend whatever way I choose at home by just relaxing or getting four more feature articles in.

It is a luxury when you can use a laptop computer on the train. The editing and publishing time is much quicker than using a little iPhone.

If you're waiting in line at the bank or post office, or in any other situation - use that time to edit and publish your writers articles here on HubGarden. This is time you would otherwise spend being idle.

Note: if you're using HubGarden on your iPhone for this purpose, ensure you click on the "desktop version" link at the bottom of the relevant hub. Don't change it.

4. Consider enrolling in a speed reading course

If you find that you are taking a little longer than anticipated in editing and publishing writers articles on your hub, it might be wise to do some research and enrol in a speed reading course. Attending such a course has saved yours truly significant amounts of time in reading documents and press releases - as well as answering and responding to e-mails. It is a worthwhile investment as it will save you time all round.

5. Other aids

Maybe if your eyes feel sore when working in front of the computer, and you're not currently wearing glasses; it might be worthwhile getting your eyes tested. Glasses and contacts could also help you save time when editing and publishing writers articles here on HubGarden.

It is important to take a break from the computer every 20 minutes as well. It is also important to have had a decent bite of something healthy to eat before conquering your editors queue for another day, and stay hydrated.

6. Quality questions

Ask yourself some quality questions. For example, if you want to cut a bit more time off your editing duties - then go ahead and ask yourself the following question:

"How can I edit and publish my writers articles in half the time?"

Your mind is open to possibilities, and will help you come up with appropriate solutions. You also need to find your own rhythm as to when is the right time to edit and publish writers articles. Day or night - what works for you? Before writing your own articles or after?

Turn off your mobile phone if you have to. Eliminate distractions if you can. Maybe turning on some music might also help you clean up your queue in no time at all.

being an effective hubgarden editor, hubgarden editors
In the middle of reading a writers article for the Self Avenue hub

Best of luck.

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