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How to Post Youtube Videos in Your Articles

by DamienR
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Video content is great addition to articles. Google loves pages that have video and having a video attracts readers. Hubgarden uses a small bit of code with a snippet from a Youtube url to post videos. First, I’ll show you how to add a video on Hubgarden, then I’ll look at how to troubleshoot potential issues.

Youtube Logo

First, go to Youtube and find a video you want in your article. I’m going to use the movie trailer for The Maze Runner which I recently posted in a question MovieOde.

The first thing we’ll need is the snippet of code from the url. Url stand for Uniform Resource Locator but is more commonly known as a website address. Youtube addresses are pretty short, and you only need the very end of the address to post the video on Hubgraden.

Start at the end of the address, and highlight all of the letters until you reach an equals sign.

Youtube URLD web address
Most Youtube addresses look the same except the end portion that you wish to copy

Then right click on the highlighted letters and click on copy.

Copy the address into your clickboard
Copy the end of the Youtube address

That’s all you need from Youtube, you can now head over to Hubgarden. You will need to start a new article or edit an existing one to add the video. Now you’ll need to input some code in the spot where you want the video to be placed in the article. If you have ever posted an image on Hubgarden, then you will notice that this code looks fairly similar.

The code is one square bracket, which looks like this: [. Then type YOUTUBE, and yes, it has be all in caps to work, then hit the spacebar once.

Youtube code for Hubgarden
If you have followed the steps correctly, your code should look like this

Now we want to paste the bit of Youtube address we copied earlier. Make you’re your cursor is still at the end of the code snippet we’ve typed out. If you are on a Windows machine, hold the Control key and hit the letter V. If you are on a Mac, hold the command button and hit the V key. You should see the letters you copied from Youtube appear in the content box. Now add a square bracket - which looks like ] - to the end. The end result should look like the image below.

Complete Youtube code for Hubgarden
Your code should look similar to this


Now that you have your bit of code completed, hit the Update button located under the Content box. You should see you video in the preview on the right.

Code inserted into an article
Don't forget to update, so you the know the code you have placed in the Content box generates the proper Youtube video in the preview on the right

Always preview your work by hitting the update button. There are a few different issues that can occur if the code isn’t inserted properly.

The two most common problems are having a black box instead of a video, or having the code show up in your article instead of the video.

The black box usually means that there is too much or too little of the Youtube address in the code. Here’s what the black box looks like:

Youtube Logo
In this case, I've grabbed too much of the URL, and need to delete the 'v=' for the video to work

If the code is showing up in your article instead of a video, then there is a typo of some sort in your code. Examples of this could be having extra spaces, or a typo in the word Youtube, or not having Youtube all in capitol letters.

Code typo
Here, I have a typo. I must add the B in YOUTUBE for the video to work

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Great step by step explanation.
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