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Hubgarden Economics Part 1 - For Writers

by DamienR
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There are multiple ways to make money on Hubgarden. With a decent understanding of the basics of the English language, you can bank some cash month after month. We’re going to take a detailed look at how the award and CPM system works, so you can decide where best to focus your efforts to meet you financial goals with Hubgarden.

Make money with Hubgarden

The Basics to Earning Money on Hubgarden

As a writer, there two ways to earn money with Hubgarden. You can earn awards of different values, and you earn money each time your article, question, or answer is viewed. That’s the short version of how writer earnings work, but there is a lot more to it than that.

For some writers, that simple explanation is enough. They use Hubgarden as a creative outlet, and the extra money is a bonus; but if you have aspirations of one day earning a decent second income from Hubgarden, then having a complete understanding of how writer financials work will help you meet that goal faster.

Make money with Hubgarden

Hubgarden Award Structure

Hubgarden Awards are great for those who love a little instant gratification when they publish their articles or questions. Not all hubs offer awards and each hub can assign a different value to their awards.

Make money with Hubgarden
Hubgarden awards

There are actually multiple different kinds of awards. Writers can gain awards for different actions on Hubgarden, each with their own value. Here is an outline:

Awards for Submitting Work

Article awards – These can be awarded by an editor when an article is published.
Question Awards - These can be awarded by an editor when a question is published.
Answer Awards – Is a question has received an award, top three answers to a question will also receive awards after a two week period from the questions publication date.

Other Awards
Prolific Award – This is an award given for an author submitting a predetermined number of submissions in a single month.
Milestone Award - This is an award given for an author submitting a large predetermined number of submissions to a hub.
Link Award – This is a special award which can only be obtained by trading links with another website or business owner.

Lots of Hubgarden awards
You'll be surprised how quickly awards add up

Each type of award has three different levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each award level is assigned a different value by a hub editor; Bronze is the lowest value of the three, Silver in the middle, and Gold the most valuable.

Since each hub can assign different values to awards, that means that a bronze award on one hub could potentially be worth more than a gold on another. Checking each hub to determine the value of their awards is a great way to decide where you may want to submit your work, but we’ll get into more of that soon.

Hubgarden CPM

CPM is an acronym for Cost Per Mille, which is an old advertising term that has been adapted to the online world. What it means for Hubgarden writers is the amount that a writer will earn per 1000 views. The default is a CPM of $10, which translates to one cent each time an article is published. The CPM for a hub can be changed by the editor, and is another stat that writers may want to check when deciding where to focus their efforts.

View totals can be seen on your Writer Stats page
View Totals can be seen on your Writer's Stats page

CPM works differently for questions. Each submission has a set CPM, which defaults to $10. But with a question, that CPM is split between the author of that question, and its top three answers. This means answering questions can be as lucrative as asking them. Find out more about questions on Hubgarden.

Hub Details

Now that you know how CPM and awards work, let’s take a look at some financial details about each hub. This is where all this knowledge comes into play. To get to a hub's details, click on Top Hubs in the top bar.

Hubgarden Top Hubs

This will give you a list of hubs in the network. Find the hub you want details for, and click the Details button - located to the right of the hub’s name.

Hubgarden Top Hubs

This will bring you to a page with all the details about that hub’s CPM and awards. There is also a section here for notes to writers, which every writer should check, as it will give some insight into how the hub works.

Hubgarden Top Hubs
The most common stats to check are the CPM, Pool, Bronze Award and Prolific Award details

There are two other links here that writers should pay attention to. One is the More Stats button, which will provide some useful information about where the hub's traffic comes from, and if your articles will do well on this particular hub.

The second is the Graphs button. The information provided here will show you if the hub gets consistent traffic, and show how much advertising is done via Facebook and Pinterest.

Hubgarden Top Hubs

Examining the hub's CPM and Award details will tell you if that hub's pay scheme meets your needs.

Knowing where to find this information will help you choose the best hub for each article you decide to write. Examples would include if your recipe would do better submitted RecipeYum or Kids Recipes, or if a question would do better on Answer Angels or TVode. Choosing the right hub for your submissions will help all your submissions be more successful, and help you reach your financial goals on Hubgarden.

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