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HubGarden Glossary

by heath, Bryony Harrison
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hub garden

A handy glossary of terms used on Hubgarden to help you understand the lingo.


Categories are keywords that writes place next at the bottom of their articles. They are words that relate to the article, and anyone who searches that word, or clicks on that category link will be taken to a page showing all the related articles. This makes it easier to find what they are looking for.

Chief Editor

The chief editor is the person who run a particular hub, and has administrative control over all its features, such as layout, awards, etc.


CPM stands for Cost per mille and means how much your article will earn per thousand views.


If a hub is particularly popular, the chief editor may ask for additional editors to help publish submitted articles. Articles will be randomly divided between the editors' pending inbox.


The forum is a space where you can leave comments and discuss things concerning Hubgarden with other members.


A hub is a centre or network of activity where people gather. Hubgarden is a network where people can share ideas, tips, and opinions.

Milestone Award

Writers who write a certain number of will receive a monetary award. There are different milestones, for example 50 articles, 100 articles, etc. Each level will give you a title, such as 'Citizen' or 'Town Mayor'.


The pool is the total funds available for Hubgarden. Once a hub reaches a certain level of activity, it will be entitled to a share of these funds, which can be used to give contributors awards.

Prolific Award

Similar to the milestone award, only based on how many articles you write a month. Most go up in ten article increments, for example, write ten articles in a month and you get a bronze award, twenty articles for silver, etc. Question hubs, require 20 questions for a bronze award.


Writers can approach companies, and ask them to put a link to Hubgarden on their website in exchange for a link to them. These sites/companies are known as supporters. Writers can earn money by setting up supporter links.


Toopa is a network of hubs that allows people to ask questions about the area. For example, you can ask where to find the best restaurants, cinemas, and parks, or share your favourite things to do in the city. It is a great hub for tourists to ask any questions about places they could visit, or for locals who want to explore their city more.

Top Hubs

The Top Hubs Page lists all the hubs on Hubgarden, and they are put in order of which hub has received the most amount of recent views.

Top Writers

The top writers are listed below the top hubs. These are the writers whose articles have received the most overall views over a certain period of time (day, month, year).

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