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HubGarden Writers: Plan a Writers Retreat

by Justine Crowley
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Writers retreats, whether for books and/or for HubGarden articles - the principles are the same.

There is always something about being on holidays: creativity flows. Writing on HubGarden is a creative endeavour, and one that needs to be taken with focus.

When I refer to a writers retreat to spend some time on your article and question writing on HubGarden; I do not necessarily mean that you need to book airfares and accommodation, and go away somewhere. You can do that if you want to.

A writers retreat is all about you, and if you're a Chief Editor and/or an Editor of at least one hub here on HubGarden; it also means writing as many quality articles as you can to keep these hubs growing and/or staying strong.

hubgarden writers retreat, hubgarden writers, writers retreat
If you need a sugar hit to assist, it is ok. Have faith you'll burn it off.

An ideal HubGarden writers retreat:

Stay at a friends house, and/or with family in another area if you cannot get away.

If you choose to not do the above, then staying at home is the next best option.

For those who have progressed to editing with HubGarden; this is so important to stay in touch with your writing. I don't know about you, yet many of us see writing as being quite therapeutic and relaxing when you're in the flow.

Have a list with previously sourced images of the article/s and question/s you wish to write, and for which hubs. At this time, writing for multiple hubs is awesome variety.

You do not have to go far, or spend anything to make this writers retreat work.

If you choose to stay at home, it is important to clean and decorate your writing space. Fill it with positive energy, and with things that make you feel fantastic. This can help alleviate writers block. Light a candle if you need to. Play some soft music in the background that won't put you to sleep. If the music is uplifting, ensure it is positive.

hubgarden writers retreat, hubgarden writers, writers retreat
You can enjoy and write in nature by being in flow with your HubGarden article writing

Writers retreats are fantastic. Even in the mainstream media; personally it is disappointing to no longer be a writer having progressed to a consulting role on the back of having been a writer before - to now temporarily and unexpectedly running the company. Even if you aren't a writer anymore in the work you were mainly involved in, whether it is within your own business or as an employee; a HubGarden writers retreat keeps you in touch with your passion which is writing. If you did not enjoy the craft of writing, HubGarden would not have resonated with you in the first place. The latter is irrespective as to whether or not you become a HubGarden editor.

hubgarden writers retreat, hubgarden writers, writers retreat
Whatever you need to get you through. Perfect time to write when your partner is away.

For this retreat to really work:

Know how many articles you would like to write within a given time period. It is important to reward yourself with something healthy once you've reached this milestone.

Know what system works for you. Some writers write and then upload their images immediately before writing their next article, while others (like yours truly) usually write all the articles at once, and then upload the images.

Are you more of a morning or an afternoon person? Go with your flow. There are times where you might come home from working all day, and you might feel a little too tired to write. This is where having at least a full day in your diary to yourself for your HubGarden writing is bliss. If you're an editor at HubGarden, then use any breaks between your writing to check your editors queue, and publish any writers articles on your hubs before moving on to the next article.

Stay hydrated. Writers must drink plenty of water. This is from personal experience. You need to like yourself before you can like your readers with your creativity and way with words.

Chunk your writing tasks, and split the article allocation between hubs for more variety.

You will feel so much better for this. Case in point. In addition to being an editor and writer for HubGarden, I personally have four books published and on the market. The book that was written on a writers retreat such as this (taking an entire week off work has paid huge dividends already) is personally my personal best seller by far, and has now already paid me a decent wage for this affordable retreat I was on to write this particular book. In retrospect, my other three books were written in time tight, stressful and painful conditions not as conducive to creativity.

If you're a morning person, you get that your writing is more productive (and hence you're happier) if you're writing your HubGarden articles at 10am instead of 2am. Trust me, creativity is more difficult in the hours when we should be sleeping. The luxury of setting yourself a HubGarden writers retreat is to produce quality work productively when you're in the flow and away from other stresses.

hubgarden writers retreat, hubgarden writers, writers retreat
Just do it

Interestingly, when you write your HubGarden articles when you're in flow and relaxed, as opposed to being tired and fatigued; your CPM/readership increases. Irrespective of how busy you are, and how many demands and responsibilities eschew your time - it is important to stay connected to your writing in retreat like conditions. If you cannot commit to a whole day, just try two hours to start. John Williams, the author of Screw Work Let's Play talks about this concept called Play Wednesday, where you create this day just for you. If feasible, how about making your HubGarden writing day a Play Wednesday?

No matter how small your earnings might be freelance writing for HubGarden at first; remember, you love writing. When you're in flow with it - it feels like your writing work is actually a form of play. When on a writers retreat it absolutely is. With enough patience and persistence, and as you grow and progress with this, you will be surprised as to how quickly your account balance can (and does) grow by doing so.

hubgarden writers retreat, hubgarden writers, writers retreat
Yes, your HubGarden retreat can easily feel like this.

Good luck.

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