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Maximising Your Earnings From Each Article

by Ivana Katz
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If your main motivating factor for writing is money, then read on to find out how to earn extra from each article you write.

earning money from writing, monetise articles, awards, payments

1. Awards

This may be stating the obvious, but make sure your article is well written and that it contains quality photos. You have a greater chance of getting an award from your editor if he/she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time editing it. This can bring an instant $5, $10 or even $20. If your article is rushed because you have allocated only ½ hour to it, it will show.

Instead, spend a few extra minutes reading it, adding useful information and find great pictures.

If you don’t have many photos to include in your articles, start taking them!

I take my iPhone wherever I go and I snap every opportunity I get. Photos of the local markets, a police car on the street, a surfer running into the ocean. Even if I am not planning to use those photos in my next article, eventually they do come in handy. Build up an image bank of original photos and you won’t have to spend hours searching through websites to find just the right image.

2. Payment for Clicks

Don’t just rely on HubGarden and Weekend Notes to promote your article to bring you visitors. Share your articles with all your networks. Find out more information in my other article “Tools To Help You Promote Your Articles”.

3. Backlinks

This is an area many writers avoid simply because they don’t understand how to go about it and what benefits they gain.

The first benefit is that if you organise a link from a website/business that you have written about, you get paid. The amount varies from hub to hub, but is generally between $20 - $50 per link. In most cases the links are paid 50% now and 50% in 6 months (if the link is still in place).

The second benefit is that when you submit a link, your article becomes a “Featured Article”, not only on the hub that it appears on, but also on other hubs, thus giving you more exposure.

Another benefit is, the more businesses link to your articles, the higher you will rank in search engines.

A few points that you need to understand before you start building links.

If you contact a business owner prior to writing an article about them, your chances of getting a backlink increase because you build rapport with them and give them an opportunity to provide you with good images and information.

You can also ascertain whether they are able to easily place a link from their website to the article once it’s written.

If, on the other hand, you write a review of a place you have visited and contact the business owner afterwards it may take a lot of chasing by phone / email in order for them to organise the link.

Remember many business owners do not have access to their website and have to ask their web developer to add the link, which in many cases costs them money.

Here is the process I go through if I am writing articles specifically to get backlinks.

Step 1.

I search the internet for good linking partners. Yellow Pages online is a good place to start as you can select businesses by categories and even location.

When I find a business, I send an email to the owner, which reads something along the lines of:


My name is Ivana and I am the editor of Sydney Kidtown, a website that focuses on things to do, skills to learn, places to go & shop and events to attend for Sydney and NSW families.

I came across your website and would be interested in featuring it on our site. There is no cost involved. I would simply need the following information from you:

Products and Services Provided
Contact Details
Costs / Prices
Opening Hours

Description (minimum 500 characters)

I will also require at least 2 original photos. More, if possible.

If you are interested in being featured, please forward those details at your earliest convenience or contact me with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you


Step 2.

I write the article and get it published.

Step 3

I contact the business owner with the following message:


I have published your article and you can see it at:

LINK: http://sydney.kidtown.com.au/article-name

I would appreciate if you could place a link from your website to the article and in return I will organise a featured listing, which means your business will be advertised on other Sydney Kidtown pages and other hubs. Details of the business will also be sent to subscribers of our Newsletter.


Step 4

Once the business places the link on their website or blog, I submit the link to HubGarden.

To do that, login to your HubGarden account.

Click on “My Account”

earning money from writing, monetise articles, awards, payments

Click on “New Link”

Fill in the details including the article number, which the link relates to. You can find the article number at the very bottom of the article page. It will be in the form of “ID 112349”

earning money from writing, monetise articles, awards, payments

Click on “Submit”

If you wish to add an image next to the featured listing,

Click on “List Links” (which is located next to New Link)

There you will see a screen which features the details of the link and also a link to

Once the link is approved by the Editor, the money will appear in your account and you can contact the business owner and let them know you have organised the featured listing.

This is what a page with a featured listing looks like (notice the picture just below the heading and the classified type ad).

earning money from writing, monetise articles, awards, payments

The article then appears randomly under “Featured Articles” on the hub and also under “Featured on Other Hubs” on different hubs.

4. Increasing Click Through Rate to Your Articles

Whilst doing a Google search, you may have noticed that people’s pictures appear next to some articles. If you wonder how that is done I will cover that in the next article entitled “How To Set Up Google Authorship”. It has been shown that having a photo appear with your article increases your chances of getting a visitor to click through, simply because your article seems to have more credibility.

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