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New Chief Editors Guide: Getting Started

by Justine Crowley
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hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Trust me, to be a HubGarden Chief Editor, you need to be super organised.

You've become a Chief Editor of a hub, either by starting you own, or you've been gifted or handed over a hub from another Chief Editor to you. Either way, you're to be congratulated. You're in for a quite challenging and demanding task, irrespective as to whether or not you have been an editor in either the mainstream or the new, online media before.

If you have not had a chance to read the article here on the HubGarden Guide on effective time management in being a HubGarden Editor, then please do so. Chief Editors have more demands on their editors queue than a normal/second Editor would on any given hub. As a trade-off for future gains, you may need to cut back on your writing so to concentrate more on your editors duties.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
You will need to click on My Hubs everyday. Managing My Hubs list on a train ride home.

1. The logo

For a brand new hub that you have started by going to the New Hubs tab; first and foremost get your logo organised straight away. As soon as your logo is up on your hub, psychologically you're in business. Your hub already has a professional feel to it. On the other hand, if a Chief Editor of an existing hub has handed you over a hub with no logo; you should get onto this task right away.

Moreover, if you have been handed over a hub with an existing logo in place, it is best to leave it. Like that saying goes "If it's not broken, don't fix it." In saying this, you might be inspired to change the logo if the hub is in dire straights to give it a new lease on life. For average or strong performing hubs, don't bother. Like me for Self Avenue and Toopa Sydney, I've left these logos alone.

Options for your logo design:

Do it yourself if you have the design skills

Hire a graphic designer. Best sources include Fiverr and eLance.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Sydney Food Lovers logo uploaded in all three tabs on the images link for that hub

Once you have received your logo, go to My Hubs and then click on the Images link next to the relevant hub, and upload your new logo for both the title, e-mail and pop up image.

2. Categories

In My Hubs click on categories. Level 5 is the highest level, while your level 1 categories will be positioned at the bottom of the right hand side of your hubs homepage.

Fix your categories as soon as you have cleared your editors queue, and that way they will refresh at the right level the next day.

Keep categories in camel case. On my hubs I always keep the level as 1, and the sorting letter (default) as L. There needs to be a logical sequence for your categories.

For example, how I currently categorise Sydney Food Lovers:

Level 5: Highlights and focuses on the hubs direction. For example, Sydney Food Lovers is focusing it's attention on more new food businesses in Sydney, so to achieve a higher Google search engine rank when people do a Google search for a specific food business in Sydney. This high level category is also reserved for writer competitions/incentives, and for link love lists - for example, friends of hubs name.

Level 4: Types of food establishments. Restaurants by cuisine, and other food establishment types are listed.

Level 3: Suburbs in Sydney.

Level 2: Other tags relevant to food in Sydney. This includes food events and festivals, as well as other unique food trends in Sydney.

Level 1: Types of food.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
A glimpse of the categories list for Sydney Food Lovers. Glancing over it on a train ride home from the city.

Do not worry about the colour of your categories yet.

3. Start writing a few of your own articles

Now that you have given some thought to your categories, your writing will flow, and so will your category selection. Then you can start recruiting some freelance writers. I will cover another article on this shortly.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
You're in for a challenge that will hopefully lead to a treat for you.

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