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New Chief Editors Guide: Other Critical Functions

by Justine Crowley
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hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
One step at a time new chiefs, and everything will be downhill from then on in most of the time.

New Chief Editors, now that you've read the essentials on Getting Started, and on Writer Recruitment - it is now important to focus on some other functions within HubGarden that you need to know and utilise.

So, you've logged into HubGarden and you've clicked on My Hubs. Go into the relevant hub that you're now a Chief Editor of, and click on the edit link.

1. Scroll down to the Popup Subscribe Box. Click on yes. It is important to build up your subscriber list towards a hub becoming fully self sustaining.

2. Now go to Popup Box Text. Enter in what you want visitors to your hub to see as soon as the popup comes up. Be creative, yet put a call to action in. For example: "Keep up to date with the top decorating trends. Enter in your e-mail address to get the most useful tips delivered straight to your inbox." Just an example, and I am sure you get the drift of this.

3. Next you will see a field called Category Sort Order. For my hubs I either use alphabetical or article_number. Have not worried about sorting_letter.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Inside the Writer Message 1 for the Toopa Sydney hub in My Hubs

4. Writer Message 1. Tread carefully. Whatever you type in here is what will display as a boxed heading as soon as your writers click on share article as soon as they are logged into your hub. This message will also show on your hub on the Top Hubs link when logged into HubGarden. Ensure your message is short, sharp and to the point.

What this is used for:

Information on award requirements for your hub.
Announcing a new competition or writers incentive.
Message to inform your writers that you'll be offline for a certain time period.

It is a vital communication tool in between communicating with your writers.

5. Writer Messages 2 & 3. I don't worry about these.

6. Category Display Limit. Increase if your categories are growing. For Sydney Food Lovers I have increased to 70.

7. Category Page Article Limit. I leave as 30.

8. Like Values. Leave as is.

9. Color 1 & Color 2. Default is 0099ff. For Sydney Fun I have changed both to 9933FF.

The colour code site I used can be found by clicking here.

10. Color 3 to Color 9. Have kept as is. You can see that Ivana has done something different on her hubs. This is where she has made these changes. Personally, I like white space. To keep all borders white ensure these codes stay at ffffff.

11. Category Type 1 - 5 Color. If you want all of your hubs category levels to be the same colours, just copy and paste the code from Type 1 to Types 2-5. Otherwise consult the above link.

12. Chief Editor CPM to Pool CPM. Leave as is. You want to be paid for your efforts, plus you want a bit of advertising revenue your hub brings in to be re-invested back into your hub to award writers for your hub/s to grow.

13. Gold Award Value to Milestone Award Increment. Enter in desired values. You choose the values of awards and links. If you don't want to offer any prolific and/or milestone awards for your hub, leave at zero. If you want an award value to be $2.50 for instance, you must include the decimal point where relevant.

Important: as soon as your hub has pool funds, enter these values in immediately. Otherwise when you award your writers, they will get the award recognition - but no award money. The latter would stay in the pool. HubGarden writers will see these values in the details link next to your hub on the top hubs list. Therefore it is also important to get this correct.

14. Auto Comment/Answer Award Minimum. If your hub is not a Q&A hub, leave at zero - unless you want to issue automatic awards if questions receive set amount of answers on your hub/s. For Toopa Sydney I have this set to 4.

15. Auto Comment/Answer Award Type. Leave as bronze.

16. Trending Award Minimum/Trending Award Type. Only use if you want to issue automatic awards if article reaches a specified level in the trending articles list. I leave this blank.

17. Format. Generally leave as tiles.

18. Default Order. Generally leave as new to give new articles a chance.

19. Trending Days Cutoff. I leave at 30 days. Up to you though.

20. Use Votes. No

21. Display subtitles. Generally leave as no, depending on the hub. I've only selected yes for Self Avenue due to the genre of this hub. Not suitable for a Q&A only hub.

22. Notification Expiry. Leave as 48 hours. If you have at least one editor on your hub, and you're unable to attend to an article in your queue when 48 hours ticks on from when that relevant writer hits notify editor - the editor you work with can claim this article off you. Note: you will be notified via e-mail as soon as a writer has submitted an article for publication to your hub/s.

23. Default Article Mode. Leave as normal, unless you want to create a wiki, then select that.

24. Show Print Button. I generally leave as no. None of hubs don't really need this. If you hub is a recipe hub, then you should have this switched on.

25. Order By. Choose from likes or views. Generally leave it as likes.

Remember to hit the submit button to save your changes.


hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
An example of a message sent to Self Avenue writers in the messages field.

To send a piece of communications (broadcast) to your hubs writers, click on messages and type away. They get sent usually within an hour from support@hubgarden.com automatically. Things to keep in mind:

As your title, mention the name of hub and update.

For example:

Sydney Food Lovers writers - update

Plan your content. Tell them that you're happy with their work, and to keep up the great efforts. Prioritise your points, and then bullet point them. For example:

1. New Aqua Life Writers Incentive


2. Images


3. Inserting Categories


Whatever are the main issues you're seeing with writers, and points you want to emphasise. Perfect spelling and grammar is everything. Get to the point, and only send this once a month as writers can unsubscribe to this.


hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Glimpse of the Sydney Food Lovers FAQ list created.

They're important, otherwise things are subject to interpretation by your writers. Ensure that your hubs FAQ's do not conflict with the general HubGarden FAQ's - especially on topics like payment. Note down the most common questions your writers are asking, and create an FAQ from there.

A few FAQ's to kick things off for your hub:

1. What is Hub Name?
2. How many characters of text does my article require on Hub Name?
3. How many images does my article require on Hub Name?

To create a FAQ, click on FAQ and follow the prompts. Order, generally leave as A. Up to you.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
How I have dealt with the payment question on the Sydney Food Lovers FAQ.

To keep track of where you're at, you can click on notes in My Hubs next to the relevant hub, and enter in your notes to keep on top of the management of your hub if you wish. Otherwise old school pen and notebook is fine.

Other responsibilities:

Respond to messages from writers on your hubs forum.

If a writer keeps producing top notch articles with the right titles, clean copy and the right categories in camel case; you can allow them to self publish their own articles if you wish. You will see the self publishing option on their relevant article in the queue.

Keep your hub active, otherwise it is at threat of losing its pool top ups and/or being taken over by another Chief Editor. This means that the relevant hub/s in questions need two new articles a week, eight new articles a month.

Praise your writers when they're doing a great job.

Good luck.

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