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New Chief Editors Guide: Writer Recruitment

by Justine Crowley
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hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Your aim is to be a busy and productive chief with the right writers on board

To attract quality writers to your hub, and to give your hub some exclusivity, it is wise to make new writers apply to write for your hub.

Before you set up this functionality, you will need to consider a few things:

How many writers would you ideally want? For example, if you want 10 active writers, you will need 100 successful writer applications. Many writers drop off quite quickly as they're wanting instant gratification. Blogs (and like anything that matters) is a long-term investment. Many people forget this.

How many articles do you want them to be writing a week? You need to know this if you wish to advertise for new writers to your hub externally.

The above two questions ideally help you manage your time better as a Chief Editor of your new hub/s - whichever is relevant to you.

Come up with a few questions you want your writers to answer, so to check out their motivation, attitude, spelling, and grammar. One of the questions must be why they want to write for your hub. The questions I have asked applicants for Self Avenue are completely different to what I ask from applicants for Toopa Sydney. Two hubs with two different directions.

Being specific on what you want in terms of writers and their attributes will also enable them to screen themselves out.

Note: if you have set up a new hub from scratch, you may be aware that you will need 50 quality articles and at least 500 recent readers before being awarded with you own domain name. In the case of the latter, do this when you're close to reaching this milestone, or immediately thereafter.

If you've been gifted or have been awarded a hub with a domain name and pool funds, then get onto this immediately.

Setting up the writer applications functionality. Do all of this is order:

Go to My Hubs and click on Edit on the relevant hub.

Profile Name: keep as Profile

Scroll down until you get to the article template.

Create a template to help your new writers out. This might need to be adjusted depending on your writers.

For example, the template for Sydney Food Lovers. I found a lot of writers wrote their article copy, and then immediately uploaded their images without clicking the "update" button first. This can be frustrating if your article copy is not saved in a word processor where you can simply copy and paste your article copy in; hence the first message to remind them save their work:

Start writing your article here. More efficient to write your article copy first, and once done please hit the 'update' button before uploading your images. That way you won't lose your article copy - cheers

Rating: /10


Good for kids:
Take away:

Having a template keeps things consistent, regardless of who is writing the article.

At require writer application - ensure it is set to yes.

In the Application Info field, go ahead and write you ad. Tell them a little about your hub and what your requirements are in bullet points. Then list the benefits of what is in it for them/how they get paid etc. Then list your application questions. It is okay to highlight hub milestones such as readership performers, and if there are more subscribers to the hub than articles published...don't hold back - just write it in.

Mention that they will receive an e-mail from you within 48 hours if their application is successful. Copy and paste this for your external ad should you choose to hire externally.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
A glimpse of the edit page after clicking on My Hubs for Toopa Sydney

If you wish to hire within HubGarden, leave a message on the HubGarden forum with details about your hub and the award requirements. For example, a guaranteed bronze award ($5 bonus) for all articles with 1000 characters of text and 2 original images.

Now write your Application Reply.

An example:

"Congratulations on your successful application to write for Toopa Sydney. We were impressed with your application, and we're keen to have you on board.

To get started, you will need to answer as many existing questions as you can (start with the most recent) to build up your karma bank - which is visible on your account page. Remember, you need 10 karma points to ask a question. Asking and answering a question is equally important.

Looking forward to publishing your question articles, and happy writing - asking and answering some fun questions :)


hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
A glimpse of the live ad on the Toopa Sydney hub for quality freelance lifestyle question and answer writers

Remember, your writers will have questions. Always. Encourage them to ask on the forum, and that way other writers that might have the same questions will have them answered. This will save you time. If you don't mind them e-mailing you personally in the beginning, that is ok. The majority will leave a comment, remark and/or question on their relevant article submission which will be picked up in your queue under recipecomment.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Out of curiosity, I did a Google search on my Toopa Sydney hub with search term Toopa Sydney writers, and my live ad for writers externally has started to go viral. This is even on page 2 of Google. Good luck.

Remember to click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the edit page to save your changes.

hubgarden chief editor, hubgarden chief editors guide
Another functionality in My Hubs. All chiefs can click on the Writers tab to see a list of all writers for that particular hub. This is where you can also sack any writers, and promote any of them to editor. That is for later.

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Thank you for explaining things to me.

Much appreciated
Thanks heaps Ivana. So pleased you've also received value from them. I am looking forward to reading your ones on back links :)
Great articles Justine. I have learnt a few things I wasn't aware of.
Thanks Annie, another 1-2 more to come to help the new chiefs out.

Glad these are useful for you :)
Thanks Justine for these articles, they are really helping me!
- Annie :)
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