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New HubGarden Writers: Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

by Justine Crowley
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new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
Started in your position back in September 2011. Life was a struggle then, but so amazing now. Quality problems and a messy desk indeed.

Irrespective of whichever hub I am a Chief Editor of here on HubGarden; there are common questions among new writers on these hubs. Therefore I want to serve these (and other new) HubGarden writers by putting together a guide to help them get the most out of, and succeed as writers on HubGarden.

The most frequently asked questions I've received from writers as a HubGarden editor are as follows.

new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
Uploading an image to a HubGarden article

1. Why do I keep getting a blank white screen after uploading an image?

There is no clear cut answer to this question. I have literally received e-mails from my writers on this as follows:

"Hi Justine, I am sorry to be a pain and I know you have a thousand other things to do. I spent seven hours going back and forth yesterday trying to add these photos with no luck. This morning I have been doing the same thing, and it is not working, and to say it is doing my head in is an understatement. I have tried another computer, tuned it off and on. Anyway I'm now rambling. I am hoping you can add them. I am sending through now because I think I have used up all my patience."

HubGarden is a growing hub, and naturally as a site grows more and more writers come on board. Peak Internet login periods can also be responsible for this challenge. Ways to rectify the situation:

The genius behind HubGarden advises to wait 10-minutes and then try uploading your image again.

new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
The writer is lowering the resolution of one of her images that failed to upload successfully the first time round

How I take care of this situation:

Only upload one image at a time, despite being able to upload four images at a time.

Lower the resolution (hence size) of the image, and upload again.

Upload a different image in lieu of the one you were wanting to upload in sequence at the time.

Remember, the beauty about HubGarden is that you can code your images where you want them placed in your article.

Re-start your modem/Internet connection, and try again.

2. How does the payment system work?

Most (if not all hubs) pay $10 in Clicks Per Month (CPM, otherwise known as royalties) for every 1000 readers your posts on that particular hub attract. The good news is that your article/s don't need 1000 readers each in order to get paid. Therefore, if you write and publish a 10/10 scoring feature article and it attract ten readers, you've made 10 cents on that article. Remember, freelance writing for the web is a persistence game. Build a collection of articles, and your readership will continue to pour in, long after the article has been published. CPM is income for life.

Questions (those articles ending in a question mark) are shorter pieces of work that should only take you a couple of minutes to put together on hubs such as Answer Angels, and the Toopa hubs for each city. The pay is still usually $10 CPM for every 1000 views, but the CPM is split in four: 25% of CPM earnings goes to the questioner; while another 25% each goes to the top three answerers of such a question.

3. I have not been paid yet, what's going on?

HubGarden needs a bit of time to collect ad revenue from advertisers. For example, say you joined HubGarden as a writer back in February 2014, and to date you've made $20. That money will roll over into your account balance for March 2014. Why? You need to have earn't a minimum of $50 in order to be generated an invoice on your account page. Say in March 2014, you now reach $50 in earnings for your efforts. On the first day of April, you can then login to HubGarden and click on my account, and you will see an invoice generated with a status of pending. You need to check this invoice and approve it within 10 days, and the monies will be paid to you on the first working day in May 2014. If you approve your invoice from the 11th day of March 2014, you will be paid on the first working day in June 2014. Again, this time lag allows HubGarden to collect monies owing from its advertisers.

Note: If you earn $75 or more in any given calendar month, and you're an Australian resident, you will need to obtain an ABN from the ATO.

Australian residents can choose to be either paid by bank transfer or PayPal. HubGarden writers who reside in another country can only be paid via PayPal.

new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
The writer checking the ins and outs of her recent karma points balance

4. What's karma?

Karma is like a virtual bank account here on HubGarden. Karma is a points based system (no different to a frequent flyer program) where points are earn't for the following activities:

1. First writer to answer a question - that is a post ending in one question mark = earn 4 karma points.

2. Second and subsequent writer to answer a question - that is a post ending in one question mark = earn 2 karma points.

3. Vote for your favourite answer to a question excluding your own = earn 1 karma point.

4. Receive a vote from another writer on your answer to a given question = earn 1 karma point.

5. Asking a question = spend 10 karma points per post.

6. feature an article or question = spend 200 karma points per post. Doing this is designed to maximise your readership of an article on any hub. The article is featured on the hub in question for 30 days, and is also randomly featured on other hubs for the same time period. Only do this on your best work, and what I've done for Sydney Food Lovers is I've done this in exchange for an invite with a food establishment in some cases. Hence win/win.

5. Your hub wants five original images, yet I can only upload four at a time. Why is that?

Actually, you're able to upload up to 20 images per post. Questions and Review Clue reviews only need one image. With feature articles, the more original images the better. Up to you, yet I like to upload one image at a time to speed up image uploading times, and so I can upload more images - sometimes even up to 14 in feature articles here on HubGarden. Some of my hubs only need a minimum of five images to be considered for an award.

new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
A really easy problem to solve

6. I can't get into the site at all, please help.

Your username is the e-mail address you used to apply to write for HubGarden, or to join HubGarden if the initial hub you wrote for did not require any writer applications. If you cannot remember your password, simply click on Lost Password? and go from there.

Best of luck.

new hubgarden writers, new hubgarden writers faw
Overcome these challenges and focus on the other side. For example, a five figure mortgage on your house gives you more freedom and choices than a six figure one.

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