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New HubGarden Writers: Being a full-time Freelance Writer

by Justine Crowley
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becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
You want this long article to do list ticked off on a daily basis

As a Chief Editor of a few HubGarden sites, I am now being asked by my new writers on what it takes to become a full-time Freelance Writer. Shall I get the bad news out of the way first? 90% of you will not make it, and this has been statistically proven. On this, I still encourage you to keep reading so that we can defy these odds so that you succeed as a happy, fulfilled Freelance Writer on the HubGarden.com network.

I was a mentor to new writers for 12 months on a sister site called WeekendNotes, and it was this same site that got my freelance writer career started back in September 2011. This mentorship was offered to me only eight months into my freelance writing career, and two months after I became a full-time freelance writer. I had 80 new writers to mentor, and only about 15% graduated from the program for successfully writing and publishing at least 30 quality articles on the site. They received a lot of help, and the majority still did not make it. On the other hand, I would have loved a mentor to have helped me get started, even though I was fortunate to have some fantastic editors that were encouraging and wonderful.

Some of my students wanted to break free from their current full-time jobs, yet were not willing to do the work required to make it happen. On this...

1. Start part-time and then build it up

I personally took that leap of faith and quit my job, even though I had my natural medical practice as the odd fallback position, although my patients were few and far between. Best to write for HubGarden part-time at first so you don't self-sabotage, and then you will receive that signal to scale it up. That way you're adding an extra string to your bow.

If you want to write more, you can scale back at your current job from full-time to part-time to give yourself more time to your passion: freelance writing. That way you're not self-sabotaging.

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
2011 brought the magic in, fourth business lucky.

2. Have six months living expenses set aside

I am serious when I say this. If you want to dive into the freelance writing world full-time, or you're going to ease yourself into things with HubGarden and other sites as per the above; it is critical to have at least six months of net living expenses saved up. That way your emotions are stabilised as it takes time to build up a library of articles that earn you money on HubGarden. Readers can smell desperation.

3. Work really hard

Literally work your butt off until it hurts. Have breaks of course, and still enjoy a work/life balance as best as you can. Your life needs to be immersed with writing. My partner passing away a month prior really helped here. All I wanted to do was write, and nothing else. Be prepared for your family and friends to be worried about you, as they won't hear from you as much when you're fully immersed in writing and being the best feature article and question writer you can be at the start. If you're not in a love based relationship when you start; put that hold until you're established. You'll then know when the time is right to have one. During the uphill climb in being a freelance writer, your writing, water, and your computer and internet connection is everything. So is your camera. You'll be so tired, that you'll easily fall asleep at night. Many writers also organise links on their articles to maximise their readers and earnings simultaneously.

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
Creating a vibrant, positive writing space also helps. Don't allow anyone to take that away from you.

If you can, arrange a writers retreat.

4. Why?

Like anything, there has to be that motivational reason as to why you want to do something. This is another reason why 90% of freelance writers do not make it in this tough, frustrating and super rewarding world of being a freelance writer. That motivational reason will keep you going in the tough times, of which there will be many. Many chase the quick buck/instant gratification. Sorry to say, but get rich quick schemes do not exist.

5. Ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your editors want you to succeed. So do your loved ones.

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
Some of the tools. Look after yourself too.

6. Be prepared to re-locate

Being forced to move to another city is not fun, yet if more prosperity is reaped in another city through your freelance writing work/your passion - then just make the move. Life has it's roundabouts. I finally moved out of my Melbourne City apartment, to live in a beautiful two-bedroom terrace house in Port Melbourne two blocks from the water, to only get a phone call two days later hearing something along the lines of "congratulations, you've made it. You're now a full-time freelance writer, and you're now working in Sydney during the week. Your assignment starts next week. Get online now and get your flights and accommodation sorted."

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
Be prepared to travel and/or re-locate to a new city permanently

This is where the financial buffer helps, even if your credit cards are maxed out while serving your freelance writing apprenticeship almost 1000 reviews later, and of course many more published online since. This came in handy for booking 18 return Melbourne to Sydney flights in one fell swoop, to suddenly call Sydney home four months later. Be prepared when your writing begins to take off after months of lots of article writing with minimal readers to start. My first freelance writing business trip interstate happened one month after starting.

There are many new HubGarden writers receiving extra work from their efforts on such ad revenue share sites already.

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
Your asset. Look after it, and get it repaired promptly too.

You may not need to re-locate when your freelance writing work takes off, but be prepared to.

7. Write for more than one hub here on HubGarden

With almost 50 hubs in the top hubs list alone, there are no limits to the number of hubs you can write on here at HubGarden. There are some writers who earn great money just for answering other writers questions. As HubGarden is new, successful and growing; you've definitely come on board at the right time. Many hubs also offer awards which attract bonus, upfront payments as well as CPM.

Ivana has written a really excellent article on maximising your article readers here on HubGarden. Please check it out by clicking here.

Remember, it takes a long time to build a base when starting a new business. Being a freelance writer is no different. Many great businesses take 7-10 years to be amazing. The wait is well worth it.

becoming a full time freelance writer, freelance writer on hubgarden
Believe in yourself. Your mindset is also everything here.

If you have any further questions, then please feel free to read more on the most frequently asked questions new HubGarden writers ask.

Best of luck, and have an amazing time writing for HubGarden.

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Really nice and detailed article. Very inspirational Justine, thanks!
Justine: This is one of the most well-written, inspirational and helpful articles I have written. I love the pictures. You can tell you're coming from a genuine space. Thank you. I'm just going to check out the links here...
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Thanks for this article Justine, it's gold and sparkles just like you!
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