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Overcoming Procrastination as a HubGarden Writer

by Justine Crowley
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writing success, hubgarden writing success
Treat your writing on HubGarden as you would any other important appointment. Schedule it in.

Your intentions to write consistently on one on more hubs here on HubGarden is great, however life can get in the way. This is where some motivation and self discipline is required to be able to overcome any reason/s that might be holding you back from submitting more articles on HubGarden, and therefore in order to boost your account balance and writing portfolio.

Too often, I've heard so many reasons (many disguised as excuses) that writers have given me while I was a freelance writer now media/creative consultant. Reasons such as "I am waiting for someone to come back to me" is quite common, and so are many others.

I would like to share with you a list of the reasons writers have given me in the past for not writing more articles online. I then went ahead and re-framed these reasons from turning impossible into I'm possible for their benefit. These reasons helped many writers breakthrough, while on the other hand some still continued to procrastinate.

1. I am too busy/too tired/busy uni student/busy mum

Everyone is busy, and we will always be. Writing 1-2 articles a week needs to be allocated no more than an hour a week out of a possible 168 hours. I work anywhere from 20-60 plus hours a week as a full-time professional media consultant. I still have time for friends and family. Sure, one article might take a bit of time now, yet in six months time it might only take you 15 minutes. This will include filling in the keywords, templates and taking photos. The universe challenges you if you embark on a life changing journey. The last thing you would want to do when you get home from work is to write. This is where success begins. Your working day pays your bills, while your after work time helps you design your dream life. Uni students, when exams are over - go and enjoy your holidays and get paid for doing so. Relocations, you have a bit more sympathy - although writing about your new city helps you settle in that much faster. Treat your writing like any important doctors or beauty appointment.

2. The economy is terrible/not good

Even a better reason to harness your entrepreneurial spirit. In such economic times, we need to learn and apply ways where we can earn multiple sources of income. Time management is critical than ever. In all economic conditions, the Internet is your friend. Writing on the Internet is the way of the future. There is great money to be made in a not so great economy, and yours truly has proven this. On another website, a few of my articles have made me over $100 in CPM payments alone for only 20 minutes work a piece. There is a profound difference between the economy and your economy. Do the complete opposite to what the masses are doing, and you will have to succeed with lots of hard work and persistence.

3. The weather has been terrible here/no sun - unable to take pictures as a result.

Wet, cold and snowy weather is an even better reason to rug up at home and write away. No excuses rain, hail or shine. You will find a way to make your freelance writing career work. Remember, not all hubs require images to be original. Although original images are preferred, hubs such as Answer Angels, Self Avenue and Truly Heart do not mind if non-original images are used - provided the source is cited.

4. No Internet connection

Go to the library or somewhere where there is Free WiFi. Bring your laptop with you for greater advantage, or if you do not have a laptop - then use one of the dedicated PC's or go to an Internet Cafe. Again, you only need 1-2 hours a week to pump out at least eight quality articles (more question articles) a month with focus. That's it.

5. I am not ready/confident to publish my article yet

Neither was I until my 401st article as a freelance writer, yet you know what, I published my articles anyway. It has changed my life like you wouldn't believe. Not to impress you, however to impress upon you that writing on ad share revenue sites such as HubGarden can be life changing. I've won some cool awards from all of my clients, and I've scored some cool media consulting assignments with two book publishing contracts thrown in. I have self published four books that are selling copies with hardly any marketing on my part. Many parties I get invited to are on the house. I fly business class most of the time, and I now earn a six-figure annual income. Self confidence comes from facing your fears and submitting the articles for publishing. I only started in September 2011. At this time, just like many of you I started broke/poor and right at the bottom with no writing experience whatsoever. You must believe in yourself and work extremely hard.

6. I don't have a camera/I am hopeless at computers

If you need to, you can source some images. Just use your iPhone like I do, or buy a disposable camera etc. No need to go out and buy yourself a $1000 camera to make this work. You need a computer and an Internet connection though. If not a $3-5 per hour net cafe will also do the trick, or free WiFi somewhere; and you don't need to be an IT geek to submit an article for publishing on HubGarden either.

7. I am unwell

Sure, this is understandable. Your body needs rest. Rest up and get well. Catch up when you're back on your feet. When I had the flu back in July 2012, I pumped out some Melbourne magic on another review site. I would have missed out on over 6000 plus hits to date, and two more 10/10 scoring articles if I did not take that leap of faith despite needing that much needed rest. This even included hopping on a tram into the city to take the pictures against doctors orders to stay inside. For this same sister site, I even made some cold calls and organised a few links on my articles at that same time. Never an excuse to fulfil your passion and interests.

8. I am just doing this for fun/as a hobby

Who said that writing for HubGarden has to be a business? Focus on being great so you can earn some more pocket money doing the things that you love, like catching up with your friends and eating out. What would an extra $100-500 a month at least mean to you? For many people that is a lot of money in today's climate. In some cases depending on the hub/s you're writing for, the coolest thing is you're getting paid to get pampered and to have heaps of fun.

9. I've run out of ideas

They are everywhere. Carry a pen/pencil and notebook when you're out and about to jot down any inspiring ideas that come to mind. I have a book with 50 articles in the pipeline. Otherwise observe and see which articles get decent hits.

10. I don't know if writing is for me

You never know unless you try, and really give HubGarden a good try for at least 6-12 months and then decide.

Remember, everything takes time. Rome was not built in a day. You must plant the seeds. Every business owner knows that they need to work for free/see out their apprenticeship for a little while, and then reap the rewards in a massive way.

All the best with your writing here on HubGarden.

writing success, hubgarden writing success
If you can't you must

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