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Posting Your First Question on Hubgarden

by DamienR
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Posting questions on Hubgarden is a quick way to get content posted, to start making some cash, and to get involved in the community. If you have never submitted to a hub before, posting questions can seem daunting at first, but this step by step guide will take you through the process. Soon you’ll be posting questions like a champ.

The first you will need to post a question is Karma. If you have already been answering questions on Hubgraden, then you will already have some. To find out how much Karma you have, go to the Account button at the top of the page. To keep this article open, you can right-click the account button and then click on ‘Open in a New Tab’. Once on your account page, Karma is listed on the fourth line on the page.

Hubgarden Karma
Karma on the account page

Asking a question will cost you ten Karma. You acquire 2 Karma for every answer you post, 4 Karma if you are the first to answer a question. You will also acquire 1 Karma each time you vote up an answer, or have an answer you’ve posted voted up by someone else.

Creating a Question
To post a question, go to your favourite Hubgarden question and answer hub and click on either “Share Article” or “Share Question” at the top of the hub. This should bring you to a page that requests that you enter a title. Here is where you want to ask your question in short form. To be posted as a question, your title must end with a single question mark.

Note: Using two question marks will trick the system, and post as a regular article, not a question, so make sure you only use a single question mark.

Hubgarden Karma
The Title Screen

Once you have a title for your question, click on the ‘Submit’ button. This will take you to a new page, shown below.

Hubgarden Karma
Main Submission page

This page will allow you expand on your title, add photos and see how it all looks before you submit your work to an editor. Your workspace – where you will type out your changes – is on the left. When you update your work, you will see the changes on the right-hand side of the screen. Let’s go through the process so you see how it works.

In the large yellow box under “Content” write out a few sentence to expand on your title. For example if your title is “What’s your favourite fruit?” then adding a few lines in the content box about how many different kinds of fruit there are, and mentioning the vast array of ways to prepare fruit will help stimulate conversation.

I would recommend added a minimum of three sentences in the content box for each question you submit. It helps bring in answers and to bring in Google traffic to your submissions. The more people visit your question, the more money you earn.

Once you have added a few sentences, click on the ‘Update’ button below the big yellow content box. The page will refresh and you will now see your sentences show up on the right.

Adding a Photo to Your Question
Now that all your written content has been added, you just need to do is insert a photo. Questions on Hubgarden require one photo each. Each hub will have its own photo requirements but you can always play it safe by using a photo you’ve taken yourself or a photo that is available under a Creative Commons license.

I recommend obtaining photos from Pixabay or FreeImages.com. Both sites offer stock photos available under a Creative Commons license. Other options include Wikipedia and Flickr although not all photos on either site are available under a Create Commons license so check the License before uploading the photo to Hubgarden. Once you have a chosen a photo, download it to your computer.

Now that the photo is on your computer, click on the button located just above you’re question’s title. This will bring you to a new page where you can upload up to four photos at a time. Questions only require one photo so we will not need all the option on this page.

Add Image Button
The Add Images Button

First click on the Browse button under Image1. This will open a pop-up that will allow you to navigate to the downloaded photo. Select the photo and click on Open. The box will close and you will see the name of the photo appear next to the Browse button. Now add a quick sentence about the photo or your question into the yellow box under “What is in the image?”.

Image Code

Now scroll to the button of the page and click on Submit. This will bring you back to your question. If you scroll down below the content box, you should see a small version on your photo. Now we want to add the photo to your question.

Image Code
Photo once Uploaded

Hubgarden uses a small bit of code to add photos to questions and article. The code is the word ‘image’ with the number of the image encapsulated by square brackets. We have only uploaded a single image for this question, so the code will automatically be image1. Type image1, closed in by square brackets into the Content box as illustrated below:

Image Code
Code to add an image to your question

Once you have that typed in, click on the update button. Once the page refreshes, you should see your image on the right-hand side.

That’s it, your question is done. You now have to let the editor for the hub know that your question is ready for them to look at and publish. You can notify the editor by clicking on located at the top of the page. Once the editor has looked at your question, they will either publish it or ask you for corrections.

There are a plethora of question and answer hubs for you to submit to. Here is a list of some of Hubgarden’s Q’n’A hubs.

Answer Angels accepts almost any question
TVode is all about TV shows.
MovieOde is all about movies.
Animalpedia accepts questions and articles about animals.
LeFlick accepts questions and articles about TV and Movies.
Bestty is ‘best of’ question and answer site.
Toopa Melbourne is a Melbourne Q&A site.
Toopa Perth is a Perth Q&A site.
Toopa Adelaide is a Adelaide Q&A site.
Toopa London is a London Q&A site.
Toopa Sydney is a Sydney Q&A site.
Toopa Brisbane is a Brisbane Q&A site.

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