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Tools To Help You Promote Your Articles

by Ivana Katz
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We all choose to write for Hub Garden and Weekend notes for different reasons. I have found, however, that most people fall into one of the following categories.

Tools for writers, article marketing, social media

1. Writing for pleasure.

Those that fall into this category mainly use writing to express themselves - how they feel, what their opinions are, and share what they have witnessed and experienced. These writers do not tend to seek recognition or financial rewards – they do it just because they enjoy it.

2. Writing to increase awareness.

Most writers in this group, do it to gain exposure and build their portfolio. They generally have a strong message that they want to get out into the world and so seek to reach as many eyeballs as possible.

3. Writing for financial reward.

Writers whose main motivation is money tend to write on topics which are popular and which will bring them most return for their time.

All three reasons are valid motivators for putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. However, depending on your motivation, your approach to getting what you want out of what you put in will vary.

If you write for pleasure and you don’t care who and when sees it, then carry on as you are. Enjoy the process and express yourself.

For those, whose main motivator is to find a large audience to hear your message, here are some tips that may help.

Whilst all HubGarden websites get promoted via newsletters and cross-promoted on other hubs and some on Weekend Notes, it is also up to you to spread the word.

1. Set yourself up with social media profiles and become active.

The most popular social networks are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, although there are plenty of others which may be useful for your topic/interest, especially if you are trying to reach a niche target market.

The trick with social media is not to bombard your friends/likers/followers with your message/cause, but instead interact with others and form relationships. Be interested in other people, comment on their posts, retweet/repin/repost their messages and be helpful. If someone follows you, follow them back.

When you write an article on Weekend Notes or HubGarden, don’t be shy to share it on your social networks. Many writers don’t want to be seen as showing off and never share what they write.

Imagine, you have just written an article about a great gift shop that you have found. What if, at the same time, one of your Facebook friends is looking for a special birthday gift. Surely she would appreciate seeing your article, since it helps her solve a problem,

Each social network is different and you will need to become familiar with how it works. Observe what others are doing first and learn from that. Don’t be afraid to experiment and most of all don’t take social networks too seriously.

2. Blog, blog, blog.

Search engines love fresh and original content, so set up a blog (either Wordpress or Blogger) and start writing. If possible, post something interesting and unique every day. In your posts refer to your Hubgarden and Weekend Notes articles and link to them.

If your posts are helpful and entertaining, people will not only start following you, but will also share your messages. You don’t need to write a long article every day, a simple tip is often enough.

For example, if you have written an article on a HubGarden website “Top 10 Tips for Cleaning a Bathroom”, share one of the tips on your blog, then put a link to your article.

3. Keywords

Include keywords that relate to your topic in all of your articles. Where possible, have them in your:
- title,
- headings,
- within the content
- image keywords (alt tags)

Be consistent with your keywords / keyphrases throughout your article.

If, for example, you decide that “Kids Playgrounds Sydney” is your key phrase for an article, use that consistently throughout the article. One word of caution, do not overstuff your articles with that particular keyphrase. It will sound awkward and search engines may pick up on it and penalise you for keyword stuffing (yes that’s a technical term developed by geeks :)

You can use variations such as “Sydney playgrounds” or “Kids playgrounds” or “Playgrounds for children”.

If you wish to learn more about keywords, check out Google Keyword Planner, which has replaced the popular Keyword Tool.

Another tip with keywords is to use the word as a link. This is also referred to as anchor text. Instead of writing:
“For more information about Kids Playgrounds, click here”, write

“Read more about kids playgrounds” and use the words "kids playgrounds" as the anchor text.

On Hubgarden, the link would look like this:

Read more about kids playgrounds

4. Email Signature

Don’t forget to include a link to your HubGarden and/or Weekend Notes profile in your email’s signature. If you use software such as Outlook, you can set up your signature details by simply going to:

Mail Format Tab

Tools for writers, article marketing, social media

Don’t be shy to promote your articles wherever you get a chance. Remember, your article may help someone or provide entertainment. But just as with any business, it will take time. The more effort and energy you put into it, the more you get out.

At first, it may seem like you are not getting anywhere, but if you are consistent and determined, you will see that suddenly opportunities will come up and doors will open.

For those of you who write to earn money, there are extra things you can do to maximise how much you earn from each written piece. I will cover those in the next article, which is entitled Maximising Your Earnings From Each Article.

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